Design with Intent

Design is increasingly about people’s behaviour, but this is often considered simplistically. Design with Intent aims to give practitioners a more nuanced approach to design and behaviour, working with people, people’s understanding, and the complexities of everyday human experience. It’s a collection of design patterns—and a design and research approach—for exploring the interactions between design and people’s behaviour, across products, services and environments, both digital and physical.

I originally released the Design with Intent toolkit card deck in 2010 (free download), as part of my PhD, and my Design with Intent book will be published by O’Reilly Media in 2016. An ‘Early Release’ version will be available before then: please sign up for the newsletter to be kept updated! A number of academic papers have also been published based around the toolkit.

The toolkit is applicable across product, experience, service, interaction and architectural design, aimed particularly at socially and environmentally beneficial behaviour change. The patterns are drawn from a range of disciplines, and are phrased as questions or provocations to enable the toolkit’s use as both a brainstorming tool and a guide for exploring the field of design for behaviour change. It's in use by industry, public sector and educational organisations worldwide, including in Brazilian Portuguese and Czech translations.

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